The libiguins were originally discovered in the roots of a Malagasy tree. Using phytochemical methods two compounds termed libiguin A and B were obtained in pure form and shown to exert a potent and long-lasting enhancement of sexual activity in rodents.

Ethnopharmacological data indicate that the extract from the roots of the tree induces a long-lasting improvement in sexual ability in elderly men suffering from erectile dysfunction problems. Also the ethnopharmacology supports a positive effect on premature ejaculation.

The libiguins are possible to obtain in only very low amounts from the natural source, which practically precludes the use of the natural libiguins as remedies for treatment of sexual dysfunction. However, Dicot technology now allows their chemical synthesis in commercial quantities.


The pharmacological actions of the libiguins prompts their use for treatment of two indications:

1. Erectile dysfunction 
2. Premature ejaculation

The world markets for both indications are very large; the number of males suffering from erectile dysfunction in the world is estimated to 700 million and for premature ejaculation 800 million. Notably the two conditions are not correlated so the world market for a libiguin is very large.


Dicotyledon has developed and patent a method for the synthesis of libiguins. The technology provided by Dicotyledon makes it possible in a commercially feasible way to produce synthetic libiguin as prescription drug.

Pharmacological effects

Libiguins induce very potent effects on sexual behaviour, inducing effects starting from the low to medium micrograms per kg dose-range.

Synthetic libiguins were shown to induce dose-dependent increase in mounting and intromission frequencies, reduction in mounting and intromission latencies and increase in ejaculatory latency in rodent models for sexual behavior.

Below to the left is shown the marked increase in the number of intromissions induced in male rats upon a three day administration of a synthetic libiguin.


Above to the right is shown the marked dose-dependent increase in ejaculatory latency induced by the synthetic libiguin.

As seen the effects induced by the libiguin are long-lasting and persists for many days following a short term treatment, before they vanish.

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